She Wants It Both Ways

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Kylie Page comes to see Dr. Jones because she can’t cum during sex. She’s tried having sex with tons of men and nothing works. When the doctor suggests that she might be into women, she tells him no, she definitely likes dick. When the sexy nurse walks in however, she realizes that he might be right. Nurse Julia Ann and Dr. Jones run a few sex tests on their young and confused patient to bring us a proper diagnosis.

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Naughty Blonde Seduces her Sisters Man

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Kylie Page lives at home with her older sister. They don’t see eye to eye and try to keep out of each other’s way. While their parents are away, her sister brings home Jean, her boyfriend, and flaunts him in front of Kylie to make her jealous. While her sister isn’t looking, Kylie outrageously flirts with him, teasing him with her beautiful body. When her sister has to leave unexpectedly to help out a friend, Kylie finds Jean chilling by the pool and decides to take advantage of the situation. After a very short while, she finds herself in his arms. He can’t resist her sexy curvaceous body, and before long they are back in the house and doing all the things they have both been fantasizing about.

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Girlfriend Cheats on Fiance With BBC

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Beautiful blonde Kylie Page met her boyfriend at a college party. Although he is a few years older than her, things are going well and her family seems to really like him, he earns a lot of money and comes from a good family. After moving in together into a fabulous new house, her boyfriend starts to become unaffectionate, taking her for granted and treating her like a trophy girlfriend. When she arranges for them to spend some quality time together, he leaves on a last minute fishing trip, leaving her frustrated and upset, so Kylie decides to have some fun. She phones a promoter friend, a hot black guy who joins her by her pool, and becomes quite familiar in a very short space of time. Kylie’s finally getting the attention she has been craving and she does nothing to stop him. She is about to get a lot more than the affection she has been missing out on!

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